The 12th International Controller Congress Controlling Intelligence Adventure started today, December 3 in Poznań, Poland. It was opened by Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński, Managing Director of ICV POLAND and Dr. Marlena Ciechan-Kujawa.   After introducing the speakers and partners of the Congress, Dr. Tomasz M. Zieliński took the opportunity to present the ICV controlling philosophy […]

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This year the 6th International Conference on Controlling  (ICCC) was held on November 15 in Zagreb and gathered more than 200 participants from the entire region. It was for sure the largest gathering on controlling in 2018 in Croatia, organized by consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and business magazine Lider. The International Association of Controllers was […]

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The ICV POLAND was Partner of the Next Generation Congress organized by the Family Business Institute on October 18-19, 2018 in Poznań. The Congress was organized for the successors from business families to enable them to get knowledge and exchange experiences, also about finances and controlling. The ICV presence at the Congress was one of […]

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The 6th ICCC International Controlling Conference Croatia will take place on November 15, 2018, focussing the claim “Controllling – where the difference makes a difference”: What are the aspects of different controlling tools How to discover the perfect formular for controlling and the company as a whole How controlling can help create diversity within the […]

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Note: This report is provided by Dr. Zhen Huang from Shanghai De Chen Consulting, which content is based on documentation and interpretation of the author and his team colleagues without claiming to be correct or exhaustive. Shanghai, September 16, 2018 According to common understanding in Western business community, a business is “sustainable” if it could […]

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On July 1, 2018, there was a change in the Dean’s office at the FH Upper Austria Campus Steyr. Heimo Losbichler, Program Director for Controlling, Accounting and Financial Management (CRF) and Chairman of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) and the International Group of Controlling (IGC), was appointed as Dean. For the change, the FH […]

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How can be reputation data used to manage stakeholder management? Last Thursday and Friday the ICV expert work group Communication Controlling dealt with this question at its 34th meeting. The host this time was Volkswagen AG, who deserves thanks for the excellent working conditions. The expert work group members worked intensively with the hosts of […]

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On June 7/8 in Renchen-Ulm the regional ICV work group WG Südwest met at the Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH. Focus of the 82nd work group meeting was the presentation of the project “Change from the total cost to the cost of sales method for internal corporate management” by Sven Geisler, Central Function Head Controlling, Erdrich Umformtechnik […]

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On June 9, in Gdansk, the 2018 General Assembly of the International Group of Controlling (IGC) headed by Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler took place. At the beginning two empirical studies were presented: Prof. Dr. Stefan Olech, Akademia Controllingu ODiTK (Gdansk): Controlling in Poland, and Frederic Doche, Association Nationale des Directeurs Financiers et de Contrôle de […]

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The Controlling Conference Switzerland (CTS 2018) will be held in Zug (CH) on September 25 under the heading “Reporting and analytics in a digital environment”. With short interviews our Swiss colleagues introduce speakers of their conference in advance. They start with Dr. Jörg Engelbergs, Vice President Controlling of Zalando SE and member of the ICV […]

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