Corona pandemic – testimonials from the ICV member countries

The corona crisis has been changing life and economy in every ICV country for many weeks… For the ICV is an international organization and has about 6.000 members in many European countries and also in the world, we’re collecting testimonials of our work group leaders and members how the situation looks like in their companies and in their countries.

Here is what the first ICV representatives say. Two testimonials came from Croatia from Jasmina Očko, Head of the ICV work group Croatia I and Dr. Mladen Meter, Head of the ICV work group Croatian Adriatic Region: Croatia had another challenge next to dealing with the corona pandemic!

We hope more testimonials will follow and looking forward to your cooperation.

Be healthy and #stayhome!


The first sign of Coronavirus come up in Croatia at the end of February. Very fast it became clear that the whole world would change overnight.

I can say that our public healthcare department did a great job and we were immediately given strict instructions on movement and behavior. Unfortunately, at the worst moment, another horrible thing happened. Zagreb experienced a heavy earthquake! We couldn’t believe it. Everything looked like a really bad, unreal Hollywood movie. Long story shortly – the city center is badly damaged. Considering that this is an old town, it is only now clear that many damaged houses will have to be demolished because they are not suitable for living.

The good news is that after all Croatia has a relatively small number of patients (1180 to date – 6.04) and deaths (15). Most of the people stick to a clear message # stayhome and #beware.

However, when we turn our attention away from the pandemic and look at the economy, things are not so good. The vast majority of companies completely stopped working. Our government has taken a lot of measures to subsidize workers’ wages and exempts companies from paying taxes. However, it is clear to everyone that after all this is over, the financial situation will be pretty bad. We have a long recovery ahead of us, like the rest of the world.

We will all have to change our habits and life will not be the same again. If we want to think positive we can believe that we will be more humble, appreciate the little things and what matters most – the good people around us.

Jasmina Očko, Head of the ICV work group Croatia I


An appearance of business crises are quite a common thing. What is unpredictable is the time of its appearance, strength and duration.

This COVID 19 crisis certainly fulfills these criteria.

Risk management is one of the main controller’s task. The better the risk management was earlier, the less damaging the consequences and the faster the recovery.

The emergence of this crisis will be the catalyst for numerous changes in business. From classic to digital business operations, from distraction to focus on the essentials, all the way to a thorough rethinking of business models and its components. In any case, caused by COVID 19 crisis, we can expect disruptive changes in doing business management and daily business operations.

Dr. Mladen Meter, Head of the ICV work group Croatian Adriatic Region


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