ENG: A new book in English. Controlling Process Model 2.0

The book “Controlling Process Model 2.0. A Guideline for Describing and Designing Controlling Processes” in the IGC series is now available in English, published by Haufe.

The Controlling Process Model aims to analyse, design and document controlling processes, as well as to support communication about controlling processes. The foundation of the process model is the IGC definition of controlling, combined with the range of tasks of a controller derived from the IGC controller mission statement.

The Controlling Process Model can be used as a blueprint or template for controlling processes in companies, generally irrespective of industry or company size. It is particularly suitable for process analysis, to detect strengths and weaknesses, as well as for subsequent optimisation. The model makes it possible to explain controlling processes quickly and can so become the foundation for establishing a uniform understanding of controlling.

The Controlling Process Model 2.0 includes the following significant further developments: Combining the main processes “Operational Planning and Budgeting” and “Forecasting”, dividing the main process “Project and Investment Controlling” into two main processes, the new main process “Data Management”, the new analytical and evaluative process for the potential “Transfer of Controlling Processes to Shared Service Centers” and the integration of analytics.

You can buy the book here: https://shop.haufe.de/prod/controlling-process-model-20#tabs

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