EVA (TM) – ein 100 Jahre altes Konzept?

Folgender Hinweis ist auf der Seite http://www.evanomics.com/? zu finden:

“Stern Stewart & Co. has actually trademarked an old concept that has been known by academic literature for the past 100 years. The company (Stern Stewart) has done such a fine job in promoting the whole Shareholder value -approach. Without them the whole world would be years behind this development. The term “EVA” is used all over the world in thousands of companies, universities etc. Therefore it is however a bit shame that the company is so jealous about other consultants using this currently very generic name “EVA”. Stern Stewart has already lost one law suite against KPMG with this issue (the court has stated that “”Stern Stewart had done such a fine job of spreading the EVA gospel that it was tough to prove that EVA is a proprietary concept.” – quoted from Fortune magazine.)”

Mit dieser Einschätzung könnte der Kommentator recht haben.


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