Only a few hours away: Controllers from the Adriatic area come together

This year’s 13th Adriatic ICV Controlling Conference will be held on 17th October in Grand Hotel Toplice, Bled. Once again, it is organised in co-operation with the Managers’ Association of Slovenia.

Leading companies from the Adriatic region will help answer the question of how to look beyond controlling and achieve excellence by combining and integrating different areas of a company and what the role of finance & controlling is in this endeavour. The topics will be of particular interest to CFO levels within the company, as well as financial and controlling managers and staff within their organization.

Many experts from Slovenia and abroad will present their views, sharing experience, knowledge, and ideas, focusing on:
• what drives excellence in their business
• case studies and best practices
• modern methodologies and future trends
• efficient handling of ever more demanding regulatory reporting in the financial industry,
• technologies and tools that are key to an efficient CFO office


Plenary lectures will take place between 9.00 and 13.00 with some renowned experts presenting their points of view:

  • Daniel Potočnik with “Connecting the dots”
  • Bani Brandolini with “Closing the GAP between the CFO and CIO”
  • Nevenka Kržan with “Strategies for a profitable company growth”
  • Andrej Vizjak with “Success formulas for the new decade” and
  • Rolf Hichert with “Why many managers don’t (or can’t) understand their own reports”

The Management panel will be moderated by the Executive Director of the Managers’ Association of Slovenia Sonja Šmuc, who will invite some key actors from the Slovene business sector to join her. Tomaž Berločnik – President of the Management Board of Petrol, Zvonko Ivanušič – President of the Management Board of Pozavarovalnica Sava, Drago Kavšek – Member of the Management Board of Mercator, Nevenka Kržan – Senior Partner KPMG, Stojan Petrič – President of the Management Board of Kolektor group, Boštjan Škufca Zaveršek – Member of the Management Board of SiMobil and Andrej Vizjak – Senior Partner PwC, will all discuss the topic “Beyond Controlling”.

After lunch the conference will continue at 14.00 with lectures delivered in five different sections focusing on:

  • Methodologies and good practicesin the areas of controlling and finance, presented by many Slovene and foreign experts,
  • The role of controlling, methodology and regulation in banks and insurance companies,
  • Examples of good practicesof Slovene and foreign companies in the areas of controlling, finance and IT support for these processes,
  • What should every finance and controlling expert know about IT,
  • Overview of key toolsand technologies for efficient support,

In addition there are two tagetic practical workshops for the participants to learn about the state-of-the-art controlling tools. It is also possible to make an appointment with a speaker or other conference participants, which will be scheduled throughout the conference.

Entertainment and exchange of experience is also included: the participants have the opportunity to attend a very interesting lecture delivered by a renowned motivational speaker. It will be followed by the drawing of prizes in Jezerski Salon.

Details of the event

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