Poland has this autumn a series of work groups’ meetings focused on proper data visualization in controlling. How to present and understand data? How can controlling lead to better business understanding and better communication? So far in the exchange of experiences on professional visualization participated controllers, board members, CFOs, controlling directors, managers, experts, and controlling […]


Autumn in the ICV Poland

This autumn all work groups in Poland focus on one topic: data visualization for efficient communication and better quality of decisions. Exchanging experiences and exercises based on International Business Communication Standards IBCS has a goal to expand knowledge and gather opinions of Polish controllers about this area. For the first time the workshops are organized […]


Changes in the ICV Poland

After eleven years of the International Controlling Association in Poland, there are some huge changes in the international and domestic structures. In April, during the 40th Controller Congress in Munich, the Management Board has partly changed: among other changes Dr Adrianna Lewandowska, member of the Board, resigned from the function, but she remains in the […]

Congress der Controller, Karriere, Sonstiges