Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Head of the ICV Think Tank, presented the work of the Think Tank in a highly informative conversation [German] with the Performance Manager Podcast. The interview details the new focus topic of the Think Tank, start-up controlling. In the interview Prof. Gleich first describes the task of the ICV “Think Tank”, […]

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Once again the ICV Think Tank describes in the newest Quarterly the results of its work on digital business model innovations and the role of controllers (the issue is now available also in English). The team of experts and practitioners provide controllers with many insights into the trends and top topics of controlling. Now they […]

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60 executives of the International Association of Controllers (ICV) from 11 countries constructively worked together on future topics. Openness and mutual respect characterized the intensive meeting: With its international Management Conference on November 26, 2017, the ICV took another important development step. For the first time, a meeting of the ICV executives was conducted entirely […]

Ganz schön was los, Internationaler Controller Verein