Warsaw School of Economics: 100th Corporate ICV Member

Logo SGHThe 100th corporate member of the International Controllers Association (ICV) is Szkoła Główna Handlowa (SGH, international Warsaw School of Economics). SGH is the oldest and most prestigious business school of university standing in Poland. It was established on October 13, 1906. The majority of Ministers of Finance in the governments of the III Republic of Poland were SGH alumni, including all from 1988 to 1997.

Before SGH joined the ICV, we worked together on a program of postgraduate studies „Studies of Financial Controlling in Capital Groups“ at SGH. The program was opened in February 2013: it‘s marked with the ICV logo and ICV members are lecturers there. Head of the ICV Work Group Warsaw, Karol Sikora, is also involved in the program.

We hope for a fruitful cooperation in the future!

Our colleague from ICV office Poznań, Anna Włodarczyk, talked to Dr. Renata Pajewska-Kwaśny, Senior lecturer in Department of Business Insurance in Warsaw School of Economics, about the SGH’s corporate membership.

Anna Włodarczyk, ICV: What expectation has the SGH while joining the International Controllers Association?
Dr. Renata Pajewska-Kwaśny, SGH: The Warsaw School of Economics in Warsaw can be characterized as a corporate member of the ICV by some distinguishing marks. In its academic and teaching activities we emphasize our connection to business practice and environment. The main part of our development activity is subordinated to these criteria. Our interest in actions of the Association, its profile and work rules suit our academic and research activities. Thanks to possibilities that the Association gives, our lecturers, and as a result our students, will be better prepared for challenges of economic environment.

Anna Włodarczyk, ICV: Why did SGH decided for Corporate Membership precisely at the ICV?
Dr. Renata Pajewska-Kwaśny, SGH: The decision of application was made quite quickly. It’s obvious that in our times sharing knowledge is very common. We think that with our potential we can both: put a lot into the Association and gain much advantages from this Organization. We hope that our academic activity will be even more attractive thanks to inviting ICV representatives to lectures. By sharing experiences from their work in big innovative enterprises they will make our didactic offer – especially one of postgraduates and doctoral studies – more attractive. We have already used ICV didactic support in postgraduate studies „Studies of Financial Controlling in Capital Groups“. Students judge lectures with practitioners very highly appreciating their closeness to business reality.

Anna Włodarczyk, ICV: How does SGH see cooperation with the ICV in the future?  
Dr. Renata Pajewska-Kwaśny, SGH: We want to join the idea of spreading knowledge of finance controlling among experienced financiers as well as among the students who realize that in the face of competition on the job market, the fight for better positions is harsh and you must have above-average knowledge to compete. Because most of our graduates had chosen Accounting and Finance, the topic of finance controlling makes a complementary element of the whole education process of the future specialists. As SGH we would like to make our research potential available for all enterprises in which the management is interested in conducting market research and ordering expert assessments of companies’ functioning on the Polish market and abroad.

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