Zukunftsfähigkeit von Controllern – neue Anforderungen an deren Rolle und Qualifikation

Referent: Wolfgang Hagen, Senior Vice President, Leiter Abteilung Corporate Controlling, BASF SE, Ludwigshafen

Controlling @ BASF: Grouping of Main Tasks:

– Planning & Performance Management: Strategic Planning; Operational Planning; Forecasting; Reporting & Communication; Target Setting

– Business Analysis: Business consulting & analysis & recommendations; Strategy definition & projects

– Governance & Compliance: Policies & procedures; Internal control effectiveness; Audits

– Interface Management/HR Development: Systems & tools; Organizational interface management; Groupwide projects & initiatives; Training/education/support

Controlling @ BASF: BASF Controller Mission:

As a part of the management team we proactively

– guide, challenge and consult the organization toward economical decision-making and value generation

– foster dialogue and cross-functional comprehensive understanding within the organization

– enforce compliance with group reporting procedures

– secure management understanding of the economic situation of BASF

Business Partnering @ BASF Controlling:

Business Partnering: the way to fulfill the BASF Controller Mission

As Business Partner @ BASF Controlling, we …

– work jointly & proactively with business as a trusted partner & challenger

– take responsibility for business performance & strategic alignment

– master functional & methodical Controlling Skills






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