An increasing part of products is generated by projects. For Germany for example, a study shows a share of more than one third. More and more of our daily business life takes place in various roles within projects. Both of these facts are good reasons to have a closer look on what’s going on there. […]

Arbeitskreis, Fachkreis, Branchenarbeitskreis, Ganz schön was los, Internationaler Controller Verein, Methoden & Erfahrungen

The corona crisis has been changing life and economy in every ICV country for many weeks… For the ICV is an international organization and has about 6.000 members in many European countries and also in the world, we’re collecting testimonials of our work group leaders and members how the situation looks like in their companies […]

Arbeitskreis, Fachkreis, Branchenarbeitskreis, Corona, Ganz schön was los