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10th Controlling Conference in Zagreb on May 22

Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, Chairman of the ICV and the IGC, is Keynote Speaker at the 10th Controlling Conference: Financial Management in Zagreb on May 22. His speech will focus on the topic „Myths and Truth of Excellence in Reporting Design” with following highlights: What makes visualizations objectively good?; Key findings of six years of […]


ENG: “You have to risk changes and experiments” – Interview with Herwig Friedag and Walter Schmidt

After 17 years, Dr. Herwig R. Friedag (right) and Dr. Walter Schmidt (left) handed over the organization of the ICV conference “Controlling Innovation Berlin – CIB”. We talked to them about this. What motivated you to do that? (Friedag) There are two factors: Firstly, after 17 years “running out […]