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Controllers having a coffee – 25th ICV Serbia Meeting

The 25th ICV Serbia Meeting was organised on December 16, 2015 in the DONCAFÉ factory in Šimanovci. The host was Strauss Adriatic, better known as the DONCAFÉ brand. The event was attended by 40 controllers of Serbia, with the aim of sharing their experiences relating to the challenges the companies face throughout the world as the consequence of competitor race and destabilisation of major currencies.

ICV Serbia coffee

The topic of the meeting was “Controllers having a coffee”. The organisers ensured to be the best hosts to controllers and invited them for a morning coffee.

The meeting was opened by Dragan Radosavljević, CFO, STRAUSS ADRIATIC. He welcomed the attendants and thanked them for accepting the invitation.

The speakers at the meeting were:

  • Zorica Đorđević, Production Technologist, STRAUSS ADRIATIC
  • Verica Teofilović, Financial Controller, STRAUSS ADRIATIC
  • Dragan Radosavljević, CFO, STRAUSS ADRIATIC

The meeting started Zorica Đorđević, Production Technologist, presenting DONCAFE products.

She briefly took us on a history trip, presenting the way in which coffee penetrated the global market to become the drink No. 1 in modern society today. She familiarised us with the history of the DONCAFÉ Group company, the brand development and the positioning in Serbian market of the Strauss Adriatic company, which has been the owner of the DONCAFÉ and C Kafa brands since 2005. Zorica presented the company products (DONCAFÉ, C KAFA and ESPRESO KAFA) to us.

After the presentation, the hosts took the participants for a tour around the factory. They intended to show us the road that each coffee bean has to pass to get to the consumer’s table. The controllers had the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the processes of purchase, production, packing, degustation and transport.

ICV Serbia coffee factory

Then Verica Teofilović, Financial Controller, took the speaker’s floor.

She explained the goal of the company – to be No. 1. She presented the challenges which they face every day due to the developments in the local market and in the global market. She also presented the functioning of controlling at Strauss.

The meeting was closed by Dragan Radosavljević, CFO. Dragan invited the attendants to be interactive. He had a lively presentation, pointing out the need for innovativeness. Being a controller means not only helping the management but also helping all employees while encouraging research and development. The message of the presentation was that a good controller never sleeps. Dragan won praises of the attendants for an excellent presentation, and then he presented gifts.

ICV Serbia welcome

After the meeting, the return to Belgrade was organized and the socializing continued on the bus.

The report received from Slavica Vujičić

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