#cia2018_controlling (4) Journey to advanced automation and robotization of business processes

Prof. Dr. Andrzej Sobczak, Head of the Informatics Management Department, Warsaw School of Economics took the participants of the CIA on a journey to advanced automation and robotization of business processes from the perspective of controller and management. In his presentation he answered some important questions: Is robotization just a short-term trend? Is it possible to buy competence for business robotization on the market? What is the role of data governance in business robotization? How to prepare for a broader (more strategic) perspective on robotization?  He discussed it in the context of robotization (rising labor costs; decreasing employee availability; changing attitude of young workers; growing digitalization of processes and data; increasing global competition and short-term business perspective). He also gave examples of what software robots can do.

Important: Robots have names so that they would be easier to accept by the employees, because in the future a manager could lead in a team 10 human employees and 30 robots.

What is the actual state of RPA implementation in Poland?

  • Actual level of RPA absorption among Polish IT leaders can be estimated at max. 15%
  • The median of robots in Poland is 2 robots.
  • Some companies are withdrawing (silently) from robotization after Proof of concept).
  • It turns out that they have more exceptions than they thought.
  • Companies find that with low data quality data quality robots will don’t work.

The speaker compared this situation with the question how it will look like in the future.

Robots at the #cia2018_controlling: An impressive pantomime performance during the break.

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