The 3rd Working Capital Management Symposium, “Digitalization in Working Capital Management – Opportunities and Challenges”, takes place on June 14 in Düsseldorf. For the first time, the German Credit Management Association e.V. and the International Association of Controllers (ICV) with its expert work group “Working Capital Management” are holding a joint symposium. The cooperation with […]

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Where are the links between digital transformation and communication controlling? We dealt with this question at the meeting of the ICV expert work group Communications Controlling last Thursday and Friday in Bonn. Deutsche Telekom AG provided ideal working conditions at its corporate headquarters and deserves a big thank you for the generous hospitality. At the […]

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Regensburg is turning into the controlling capital of Eastern Bavaria. On Thursday evening (March 22) the second edition of the joint Controlling Forum of “Wirtschaftszeitung” (publisher “Mittelbayerische Zeitung”) and International Association of Controllers (ICV) took place there. This year’s theme “Green Controlling in Business Practice” – and the brilliant experiences from the previous year – […]

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Once again the ICV Think Tank describes in the newest Quarterly the results of its work on digital business model innovations and the role of controllers (the issue is now available also in English). The team of experts and practitioners provide controllers with many insights into the trends and top topics of controlling. Now they […]

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