Autumn in the ICV Poland

This autumn all work groups in Poland focus on one topic: data visualization for efficient communication and better quality of decisions. Exchanging experiences and exercises based on International Business Communication Standards IBCS has a goal to expand knowledge and gather opinions of Polish controllers about this area.

For the first time the workshops are organized by Edyta Szarska, new ICV Delegate in Poland and her team. If you’re interested, you can choose one these dates and places (language: Polish):

  • Wrocław 15-16.10.2015
  • Toruń/Bydgoszcz 19-20.10.2015
  • Poznań/Szczecin 26-27.10.2015
  • Warszawa 29-30.10.2015
  • Trójmiasto 05-06.11.2015
  • Lublin 16-17.11.2015
  • Kraków/Katowice 19-20.11.2015

Summary of all workshops will be a conference on December 15 in Warsaw.

More information:

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