The second year in the row, the 9 ICCC was held on November 11-12, 2021 in English, online via YouTube. The theme was inspired by the rapid development of data analytics which undoubtedly influences the direction of traditional controlling towards new areas. The organizers were consulting company Kontroling Kognosko and media company Lider media under the patronage of ICV. […]

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The ICV Autumn Conference in southern Germany, CCS Controlling Competence Stuttgart, took place on November 23. The ICV CEO Siegfried Gänßlen opened punctually at 12 noon. The first speaker started soon after him: Jens Ropers from the CA Controller Akademie reported on a major event dating about 200 years back: Waterloo. How this ended for […]

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“Modern controlling – well-founded and proven in practice” was the motto of the ICV conference “Controlling Advantage Bonn – CAB 2017” on November 16. The work groups of the West Germany had invited to the Gas-Wasser-Zentrum in Bonn. This year, the CAB  offered an interesting cross-cutting with lectures on the possibilities and limitations of municipal […]

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