ENG: Digitization in the centre of the ICV autumn conferences

The ICV regional conferences are focused on a mixture of always relevant basic topics with current top topics. At present, digitization is one of the latter. It can therefore be found at all autumn conferences of the ICV.



November 16, Controlling Advantage Bonn (CAB): 

15.15 Digital Transformation – Quo Vadis Corporate Management

  • The digital revolution is fundamentally and sustainably changing. However, the opportunities are not self-evident.
  • Hypothesis: The digital revolution requires companies and employees to actively transform themselves digitally.
  • Big Data, IoT and Business Networks offer opportunities for and demand change in companies.
  • Digital, real-time-based business models require real-time corporate management.
  • Planning and management will also actively transform themselves.

Martin Schulte
Dipl. Wirtsch.-Ing.
Head CFO Advisory
SAP Deutschland SE & Co. KG

To the CAB: https://www.icv-controlling.com/en/events/regional-events/cab-controlling-advantage-bonn-ger.html


November 18, Controlling Innovation Berlin (CIB): 

11.10 Digital Transformation

Effects on corporate management and controlling

  • Why the real change is still to come
  • How does information change the economy
  • Implications for companies & controlling

Andreas Seufert, Steinbeis Hochschule Berlin /
Ralph Treitz,
CEO Trufa Inc., San Mateo – Heidelberg,
both: Head of the expert work group Business Intelligence / Big Data, ICV

To the CIB: https://www.icv-controlling.com/en/events/regional-events/cib-controlling-innovation-berlin.html


November 23, Controlling Competence Stuttgart (CCS): 

13.45 Digital reality changes the organisation – illustrated by the example of price decisions

  • Changes in the framework conditions
  • Starting points for an agile organization
  • Role of Controlling

Rüdiger Böhle
Blanco GmbH + Co.KG

15.00 The present is digital, the future is cognitive

  • Digital is the new normal, the future will be determined by advanced intelligence.
  • Companies in every industry have to come up with new ways of interacting with customers and employees.
  • But what does the business model of the future look like?

Karin Schönwetter
Director of IBM Global Financing DACH
IBM Global Financing Deutschland GmbH

To the CCS: https://www.icv-controlling.com/en/events/regional-events/ccs-controlling-competence-stuttgart.html


November 24, Controlling Insights Steyr (CIS), Austria:

13.45 Controlling of digital business models

  • How fast do digital companies really manage?
  • How much data do leading companies have today?
  • Predictive Analytics – Demand and Reality
  • Consequences for controlling in traditional companies

Jannis Friedag
Head of Controlling and Analytics
Mister Spex, Berlin

15.35 Contribution of the corporate controlling to the digitization of the business

  • Building key components of the employee competence
  • Introduction of new financial “tools”
  • Systemic and content-related expansion of the horizon, the importance of cross-divisional networking
  • Business Analytics and Data Science – the Crux with the raw material data

Matthias Frank
Head of Business Analytics, Bewertung Volumen/Devisen
Audi AG, Ingolstadt

To the CIS: https://www.icv-controlling.com/en/events/regional-events/controlling-insights-steyr-a.html

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