ENG: Cooperation with Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences: students awarded with the ICV taster membership for their term paper

The head of the regional ICV work group Westphalia, Thomas Meyer, reports on a new, successful cooperative project of the ICV with the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University of Applied Sciences (OWL). Students had worked on practical business projects for their term papers. The best work was chosen in a competition. The winners got an ICV taster membership, the students are invited to the next meeting of the WG Westphalia.

The January 11 was a big day for the students of the 5th semester of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe University (OWL) of the bachelor program Business Administration. They presented their term papers in front of an audience as a graduation in the module Project Management of Prof. Dr. Christian Faupel.

Five groups of students worked independently on a current corporate project. In the second year of this new practice-oriented teaching format, the response of the regional economy was very positive. All company representatives – the sponsors of the term papers – were present at the presentation and were part of the jury, which chose the best group work.

In a 20-minute presentation, the students explained in detail which instruments they had used and what challenges they had mastered. Afterwards, the audience had time and opportunity to ask quite critical questions. Due to the lively discussions and targeted comments, the total time of one hour per group flew by.

After extensive consultation, the group’s jury awarded the group with the topic “Key Figures Cockpit for a Consolidated Management Review” for the Arntz Optibelt Group from Höxter with a one-year taster membership at the ICV. Thomas Meyer, head of the ICV work group Westphalia, presented the certificates to the students and invited them to the next work group meeting (April 19/20) in Stadthagen, where they can present their project to the experienced controllers. They will also have the opportunity to witness business management and digitalization work.

The event on the January 11 was the first official opportunity to deepen the newly concluded cooperation between the OWL University and the ICV. The head of the WG Westphalia, Thomas Meyer, who had initiated the cooperation with Prof. Faupel, was part of the jury. Prof. Faupel was proud of his students’ hands-on achievements, and company representatives will use the proposed solutions as a foundation for on-site implementation. Finally, Prof. Faupel thanked the ICV for the good cooperation and made clear that the participation of the ICV in the event means a lot to him and gives it a special weight.

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