ENG: “Learning from innovation people that defeats are ‘taken for granted’”

Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich, Head of the ICV Think Tank, presented the work of the Think Tank in a highly informative conversation [German] with the Performance Manager Podcast. The interview details the new focus topic of the Think Tank, start-up controlling.

In the interview Prof. Gleich first describes the task of the ICV “Think Tank”, which stimulates regional and expert work groups with new ideas and topics. Asked by the interviewer Peter Bluhm, whether the highly-stressed controllers should really deal with new ideas, Prof. Gleich answered: “Ideas are just part of the controller work. We also have to constantly develop our skills in controlling.” It is the task of the ICV Think Tank, “to push new topics into the controlling community”, says Prof. Gleich.

At the moment, this particularly concerns digitalization and start-up controlling. While working on new topics, the Think Tank always tries to focus on the role and tools of the controllers, the processes in controlling, as well as the training needs and opportunities.

The new main topic of the Think Tank, “start-up controlling”, is discussed in detail. The Think Tank has currently recognized that more and more companies are dealing with the start-up topic: not only with the start-up scene “outside”, but also with start-up initiatives within the companies, companies build labs and accelerators for themselves. Asked whether the controllers are ready for these new topics, Prof. Gleich explains: Agility and flexibility are in demand from controllers, in the cost issue controllers would have to be able to assess potentials and risks to think strategically. Prof. Gleich draws a picture of a modern controller as thinking start-up-oriented and an active business partner of the management. Controllers would have to contribute to the innovation processes of companies; in the goal setting as well as in the process of idea development. Prof. Gleich demands that controllers should become “part of the action”, take their place in interdisciplinary development teams with their competences and, for example, assess or balance risks.

Finally, the discussion leads to the topic “cultural change in controlling” when it comes to allowing mistakes. “Here controllers can learn from the innovation people that defeats are taken for granted”, says Prof. Dr. Ronald Gleich.

The interview [German] in a video form online.

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