ENG: “BI as a Service”: Results of market study published

In November last year, the ICV advertised in the “Controller’s e-News” for supporting a market study on the topic of “BI as a Service”. The initiators from the Heilbronn University of Applied Sciences in cooperation with conesprit GmbH have now presented the results.  (Excerpt [German]). Among other things, it deals with the reasons for purchasing BI as a Service (BIaaS) as well as the advantages of and reservations against BIaaS.

Respondents were asked to rate a number of advantages of BIaaS (scale 1-6:’ very low’ to’ very high’). The ratings range from 4.0 (rather high) to 4.8 (high). The valuation range is thus rather small. For around 250 respondents, the most important advantage of BIaaS is transparent and predictable costs (4.8). The advantages of a modern and up-to-date application (4,7) as well as high compatibility (4,7) are second, followed by access to the data from everywhere (4,6) and a high availability of the support (4,6). A fast implementation (4,4) is in the midfield of the evaluation. Cost savings and mobile access are valued at 4.2. The relief of the IT department, standardization and terminability are valued at 4.1 and 4.0 respectively as rather high, but these are the advantages that have the least significance.

Respondents were also asked to rate a number of reservations against BIaaS. The ratings range from 3.3 (rather low) to 5.1 (high). Data protection of personal data (5,1) and data security of company-related data (5,1) are perceived as the most important reservations among the 280 respondents. Data availability (4.7), the adaptation of the BI solution to company-specific conditions (4.7), and the speed of queries (4.6) are rated as high by respondents. Dependence on the BIaaS solution’s software provider is rated as rather high at 4.1. The fear that BIaaS suffers from flexibility is rated at 3.3 rather low.

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